On March 12, 2020, I took one final look around the office — a sunny, open space in the heart of Chelsea, New York — before departing for the day. It was not even one o’clock, but the fear of spreading COVID-19 triggered a wave of reaction from businesses, which immediately instituted work from home policies to flatten the curve. I’m not sure if anyone at the time knew that would be our last day in the office. Our CEO sent us an email that day, concluding, “We’ll assess over the next week as the situation progresses and determine when…

As a data scientist, I’m passionate about taking complicated data and building models that can deliver insights and form the basis for new, innovative products. At Funnel Leasing, an industry-leading provider of software for the multifamily industry, I’m helping to build a new virtual leasing agent that assists prospective renters in finding their next home. By answering renters’ questions faster or booking their viewings sooner, the virtual agent can deliver a lot of value to renters and management companies, but developing it presents its own unique challenges. The biggest challenge relates to the fact that, as we’re all aware, there…

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Making Sense of Big Data

For a few years, I worked for a subsidiary of Sony Music that focused on distributing indie music. Compared to the corporate offices of Sony farther uptown, the atmosphere was pretty laid back, and I made some good friendships during that time. The company did a lot more than just distribute music to services like Spotify or Apple Music; they also formed relationships with artists to market and advertise their music and nurture them professionally. As more of a boutique shop, they could work more intimately with artists. …

James Chryssanthacopoulos

I’m a data scientist passionate about building AI-driven software for industry

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